how to create a poll on whatsapp Fast 2023

In WhatsApp, users now also see the option to ask questions in the chat section, this is called the poll feature of WhatsApp, we will learn about how to create a poll on whatsapp new updates keep coming in WhatsApp, which are very good for the users. It seems, in some updates, features related to Calls, Status, etc. are provided, while some are related to chats, so here in this article also I am going to tell you about updating WhatsApp’s new chats, and The attachment icon has also been changed, and a second attachment icon appears in Messenger.

How to Create WhatsApp Poll (What is Poll in WhatsApp)

To create a poll in WhatsApp, after opening someone’s chat, click on the plus icon and after clicking on the poll, the option to ask a question will appear, in this you can write any question and its answer option, and some You can make a poll and send it within a minute.

The feature of WhatsApp Poll is similar to Facebook and Instagram Poll, in which you can ask any question, this feature is more useful for WhatsApp groups, because there are more participants in the group and if you ask a question, then its answer is more. More than people give, similarly you can ask any question through WhatsApp Poll and you can use this feature not only in Group Chat but also in Single Chat,

This option has been added to the attachment icon in WhatsApp, that is, earlier you used to get only Document, Camera, Gallery, Audio, Location, Contacts, Payments etc. options in Attachment, but now the Poll option is also available.

how to create a poll on whatsapp

  • Update your WhatsApp messenger, because this is a new feature, so if you have not updated this messenger, then this feature will not appear, so you can update WhatsApp from Playstore.
  • After opening WhatsApp in the phone, open the chat to whomever you want to send the poll, if you want to ask a question in the group, then click on the chat of that group.
how to create a poll on whatsapp
How to Create WhatsApp Poll
  • After this, click on + Icon in Chat here, and click on Poll.
  • Now you will see options to create WhatsApp Poll.
how to create a poll on whatsapp
How to Create WhatsApp Poll

Ask Questions – Whatever question you want to ask, you can write that question here, you can write your question in Hindi, English, any language.

Option – In this, you see 2 options written as Add, and in these you can write the answer for your question, as if you fill 2 options for Answer, then you see the Add option again, that is, you There are 12 options for answering 1 question.

how to create a poll on whatsapp
how to create a poll on whatsapp

That means for the question you are asking through WhatsApp Poll, you can add 12 Answer Options.

Allow Multiple Answer – This is also a very important option which remains enabled, which means that any WhatsApp user can select more than one option from the Answer Option of the Poll Question asked by you, for example if If you asked a question and gave 4 options for the answer, then anyone can choose 2 or 3 or even all the options out of those 4 options.

  • If you disable the Multiple Answer option, then only 1 Answer option will be selected.
how to create a poll on whatsapp
Create WhatsApp Poll
  • After this click on the arrow with Send, now your WhatsApp poll has been successfully sent.

How to answer WhatsApp poll

It is very easy to choose the answer to the WhatsApp poll, for this, open any group or chat in which there is a message with Poll Question.

how to create a poll on whatsapp
how to create a poll on whatsapp
  • After this, you get to see the answer option just below the WhatsApp Poll Question and you can choose your option by clicking on the box icon next to it.
    If the poll is of Multiple Answers then you can choose more than one option.

View Votes – When you have selected any option, then by clicking on View Votes, you can check which option other people have selected, and you can also change the poll Answer Option, if the wrong option is found in the poll. If selected, you can remove it by clicking on the box, and you can also see how many people have voted in the poll.

How to delete WhatsApp Poll

The poll is in a message, so the way you delete other messages from WhatsApp, in the same way you can delete the poll for everyone.

  • Open any WhatsApp Group Chat in which you want to delete the message containing the poll.
  • After this, after holding and clicking on this poll message, click on Delete For Everyone.

How to ask questions in WhatsApp Chat?

You can send a Poll to ask someone a question on WhatsApp chat, this method is very good, in which you can ask questions related to Exam, GK etc., you can use this feature in any WhatsApp group, if If you have given permission to send messages to the members in that group too, then you can ask any of your questions to the Group Participant by sending a poll to that group as well

Can WhatsApp Poll be edited?

You can not edit WhatsApp poll, you can create another poll by deleting it, you cannot change the other options in the WhatsApp Poll you have created, as they will remain the same, if you want to change the question or option, then click on it again. A new pole will have to be made from it, the method has been explained in the article.

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